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Meet our Founder: 

Jodi Cronic spent the majority of her life in the education business and as such is dedicated to serving the needs of families in the best way possible.  She has a specialist degree and spent several years in the classroom as a special education teacher as well as an administrator in the public school system.  The most important job of her life, however, was raising a child with learning disabilities, bi-polar, and  ADHD .  Experiencing these varying aspects of life, Jodi has aspired to see all children reach their full potential regardless of learning weaknesses.  As a certified reading tutor by the International Dyslexic Association, she is trained in specialized programs that help dyslexic students learn to read, write , and do math.  Since being a member of several organizations, such as Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (CHADD), International Dyslexia Association, Balanced Minds, and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI),  Jodi is able to stay up to date on information needed for the success of all students.



We can provide educational testing that will  identify areas of need such as:





Social Issues


Processing Issues

Executive Functioning

Working Memory


We use a variety of tools to engage children in learning.  We tailor the learning based on individual needs.   We use various forms of learning to keep children engaged in the process.  We understand that creating an environment where children  can have fun while learning, also creates an environment children want to return to.  


 Treading in unfamiliar territory and hearing words that you do not understand can be intimidating.   Having been a school administrator in charge of Response To Intervention (RTI), 504 plans (children that have a disability but do not need special education classes) and Individual Educational Plan(IEP) testing, I am  very familiar with such terms and their uses.  



*sensory Processing Evaluation

*Academic Testing

*Assistance with RTI, IEP, and 504 plans

*Navigating the School Information Maze

*School Consultations

*Tutoring through Research -Based Programs

*Guidance and Recommendations on the Common Core Standards

*Resource/Referral provison

*Behavioral Plans

*Analyze test scores to assist with goal setting.


Bringing the child as whole into focus requires everyone involved on the same page.  Pediatricians, Neurologists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists as well as teachers and administrators.  Communication is the representation of benefitting the child to the fullest extent.  Due to our affiliation with Athens Behavioral Medicine, we are able to provide Psychological/Educational Testing as well as ADHD evaluations.  

Specialized Programs

*Wilson Reading Program

*Kendore syllable games

*Phonic awareness

*High Frequency Words

*Writing Practice

*Reading Speed

*Lindamood-Bell programs

*Dr. Erica Warner affiliation

*Various Website Accountability

*Dot mathematics

*Sequence Multiplication


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